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Reva’s Business has grown since its inception because we believe that a satisfied customer is our best advertiser:

  • Work to understand clients need
  • Listen to clients concern
  • Use highly skilled personnel and
  • Stick with clients until the job is done right

Reva Inc is dedicated to work with clients as a partner to ensure that the project is completed with the highest quality, on time and within budget. Reva also believes in utilizing the best office and field technologies to create efficiencies for us and cost savings for clients.

Whenever Reva Inc. manages construction projects or provides services as part of a project, Reva Inc. makes sure to understand the client’s objectives and any potential challenges so that it can be coordinated between all the parties right from inception.

Reva Inc. is unique in the depth of experience, from the most senior level through our tradesmen. When any issues arise, our experts at every level are capable of figuring out solutions without having to push the problem up the food chain, wasting valuable time.