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Reva Inc., established in 1997, provides General Contracting, Construction Management and other services to the public and private sectors. Reva is an aggressive forerunner in utilizing the latest in construction technologies both in the office and in the field. Reva Inc. has been responsible for managing and executing projects with public agencies and private industries.

Reva Inc. was founded with the idea that there can be a better way to provide construction services, general contracting and management services beyond what the traditional market had to offer. Reva Inc. is dedicated to perform professional services to meet our client's requirements in a technically appropriate, innovative and cost-effective manner.

The business has overcome many obstacles in the past and has gained several certifications and pre-approvals with various agencies.  As of today, it is executing large-scale projects and is gaining name and recognition in the industry.

Reva Inc. is in constant process of growing its business. The company and its employees continually challenge themselves to strive harder and perform better on all projects, securing itself with higher bonding and financial stability.  Reva Inc.’s objective is to become a key player in the industry, which will affect the urban region with positive impact on economical development.